Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chapter 6 coming soon

Chapter 6 of Spring roo cookbook will be launched by early next week. Following are the details:
[Chapter 6] - Emailing, Messaging, Spring Security, Solr and GAE [approx. 80 pages]
1. Sending emails using JavaMail API
2. Sending and receiving JMS messages
3. Configuring Spring security for your application
4. Using Spring Security with Apache Directory Server (recipe that makes use of embedded Apache Directory Server and demonstrates use of Web request security and method-level security in roo-generated web application).
5. Deploying a GWT application on GAE
6. Deploying a Spring Web MVC application on GAE (this recipes shows developing a simple Spring Web MVC application and creating owned one-to-many relationship between JPA entities) 
7. Adding search capability to your domain model with Solr 

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