Thursday, September 15, 2011

List of recipes in Spring roo cookbook

Chapter 1: Getting started with Spring Roo
1.       Setting up Roo
2.       Getting help and hints from Roo
3.       Creating a Roo project
4.       Configuring logging
5.       Importing Roo project into Eclipse/IntelliJ IDEA IDE
6.       Viewing properties defined in a properties file
7.       Managing properties defined in a properties file
8.       Creating a  Java class
9.       Adding attributes to a Java class
10.   Creating a Java interface
11.   Referring to a type from Roo shell
12.   Creating application artifacts from Roo script

Chapter 2: Persisting objects using JPA
1.       Setting up a JPA provider for your project
2.       Viewing database configuration properties
3.       Managing database configuration properties
4.       Creating persistent entities
5.       Adding JSR 303 constraints to persistent fields
6.       Creating integration tests for persistent entities
7.       Creating new ‘data on demand’ for testing entities
8.       Creating mock tests for persistent entities
9.       Executing persistent entities tests
10.   Controlling auto-generated methods of persistent entities
11.   Creating applications that interact with multiple databases
12.   Packaging your Roo project

Chapter 3: Advanced JPA support in Spring Roo
1.       Viewing candidate dynamic finder methods
2.       Adding dynamic finder methods to an entity
3.       Creating many-to-one (or one-to-one) relationship between entities
4.       Creating one-to-many (or many-to-many) relationship between entities
5.       Creating a mapped superclass
6.       Customizing Roo-generated identifier definition
7.       Generating database metadata
8.       Creating entities from database

Chapter 4: Web application development with Spring Web MVC
1.       Auto-generating Spring MVC controllers and JSPX views from JPA entities
2.       Packaging, deploying and using Roo-generated Spring MVC application
3.       Modifying Roo-generated views
4.       Round-tripping support in Spring Roo for web controllers and views
5.       Creating a Spring MVC controller for a specific JPA entity
6.       Manually creating a Spring MVC controller for a JPA entity
7.       Adding static views to Roo-generated web application
8.       Internationalizing Roo-generated web applications
9.       Adding or modifying themes generated by Roo
10.   Adding JSON support to domain objects and controllers
11.   Creating and executing selenium tests for web controllers

Chapter 5: Web application development with GWT, Flex and Spring Web Flow
1.       Scaffolding GWT application from JPA entities
2.       Getting started with Flex application development
3.       Scaffolding Flex application from JPA entities
4.       Getting started with Spring Web Flow

Chapter 6: Emailing, Messaging, Spring Security, Solr and GAE
1.       Sending emails using JavaMail API
2.       Sending and receiving JMS messages
3.       Configuring Spring security for your application
4.       Using Spring Security with Apache Directory Server
5.       Deploying a GWT application on GAE
6.       Deploying a Spring Web MVC application on GAE
7.       Adding search capability to your domain model with Solr

Chapter 7: Developing add-ons and removing Roo from projects
1.       Setting up GnuPG for add-on development
2.       Installing an installable add-on
3.       Developing a simple add-on
4.       Developing an advanced add-on
5.       Converting non-OSGi JDBC drivers into OSGi-compliant bundles
6.       Removing Roo with push-in refactoring
7.       Adding Roo to a project using pull-out refactoring
8.       Upgrading to latest version of Roo

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